shifting perceptions: 

studio inter - KABK INSIDE 

project year : 2022
location : The Hague, Netherlands
scale : 1:1

Within my own work process, sitting and observing in public space is where my eyes and thoughts can wander, where I can get lost in the busyness of my surroundings and immerse myself in a sense of calm in chaos. Where I can temporarily escape a linear thinking and focus on deviating myself from the known. This practice allows myself to observe the space in new perspectives, creating room for serendipity and spontaneity in not just what I see, but also in what I think.

To do this I am often drawn to sit in areas of public space that distort my senses, particularly my vision.  
Lured to water’s edges to stare into reflections, drawn to be swallowed by a single strong colour. Attracted to purposefully sitting in front of poles, trees, anything as a way to reframe the view of the space around me.

However, these views can be limiting because the conditions for engaging
in this practice are subject to existing spatial contexts. I am frequently torn between having to choose a visual distortion and observing a specific view on public space.
Shifting perceptions: aims to combine these two needs I have within my own work process. A series of observation panels that play with your view, distorting it. They are materialisations of methods that simultaneously guide your visual and cognitive perceptions into new directions.

By breaking free from the limitations of existing spatial contexts, these portable filters are aids in my practice of shifting visual and cognitive perception. Enabling spontaneity and serendipity to dominate a visual experience and thus allowing it permeate through to a thought pattern.

Rotterdam, Netherlands 2021