embodying hospitality : 

studio urban - KABK INSIDE 

project year : 2023
location : The Hague, Netherlands
scale : 1:1

Physical spatial elements play an enormous role in creating the atmospheres that determine how spaces are used and interacted with. This atmosphere is the emotional tinge to a space, allowing us to asses if a space is safe or unsafe, open or closed, or in the case of this work hostile or hospitable.

The research is focused on Moerwijk-West, a post-war neighborhood in The Hague. Initially, the 
neighborhood had a hostile and closed atmosphere due to the extensive use of fences that enclosed much of the open spaces. Seeking to contrast this sentiment, the research explored the epitome of hospitality symbols in public spaces: the bench.

Through a thorough analysis of the benches in Moerwijk-West, it became evident that in unprogrammed public areas, their positioning no longer conveyed a sense of 
hospitality, as they all faced away from the open space.

As a response, the hanging pink bench was created—a simple yet effective addition to transform the perception of hospitality in the open public space. This work aims to emphasize the importance of closely examining the
details within our spaces. By reflecting on and adapting physical spatial elements, we can effectively convey desired messages and create the intended atmospheres in specific contexts.

Rotterdam, Netherlands 2021