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Collaboration Spatial Design x Animation WDKA
type : installation
project year : 2018
location : Rotterdam, Netherlands
scale : 1:1

This project was made in collaboration with Animator Naomi Stam. Together we built this interactive installation. Inside of the cube, people had the opportunity to play a game in virtual reality in which they had to make mundane choices. These choices affected how the environment appeared to the viewer.

The physical aspect of the installation was also partly used after the initial exhibition, in the music video of Lewis - Breng Me Terug (Prod.Big Cam).
This installation is a depiction of our take on what religion, at its core means. Together, we came to the conclusion that religion is simply a guide in which we all have in life, that comes from within you regardless if you are ‘religious’ or not. This guide, or inner essence is what helps you make choices both big and small. Because of this we all see and perceive the same world differently, depending on how we choose to look at it.

This installation is an immersive experience, made to allow people to comprehend this idea. The experience begins when you walk into the brightly lit, white cube. You see a VR headset and controls lying on a white podium. Once you place the headset on, you will be in the same space as before, just in a virtual world. This was made like this to create a smooth transition between the real and the virtual world.

Once inside, you are asked to make a simple choice between colours red, green and blue. Once you choose a colour the cube you are in changes colour. The next stage is to select a shape, either a square, circle or triangle. Once the shape is selected an abstract landscape is built around you depending on the combination you choose. Each landscape has a completely different feel, although being built on the same grid. The player is able to explore this landscape at their own pace.

Once the player is ready to leave the experience, they go back to the VR room. Once the headset is taken off they are in the room in actuality, but it is no longer white but the colour which they choose. This again was designed to allow for a smooth transition from the virtual world back to actuality.

the building process : 

Rotterdam, Netherlands 2021