Core Foundations

Interior concept for Codarts Circus Arts WDKA
type : interior
project year : 2017
location : Fenix 1, Rotterdam, Netherlands
scale : n/a

The concept for my design for is the core foundations of the circus. The origin of the circus and people that make up the circus. Combining the history and the people that move such contorting, dislocating and abstract ways to create this design.

shapes why?

I have incorporated the shapes in which the athleaths create as they practice their craft. I made studies of the movements and from that I derived a collection of abstract patterns of movement which will be translated into a variety of the elements in the interior. I believe that these performers work like machines, hence why the abstract patterns exhibit a mechanic quality.
acoustic + material why?

To start with the history. The circus began open air in 1782. It then moved forward into pavilions made from wood. The first circus tent then was made in England and was made from Russian duck canvas. Because of these elements I have decided to use them throughout my design to aid the acoustics. I have made a series of extruded triangular elements, that as well emulate a clouded sky, that are made from both wood and canvas.

colour why?

I then looked at the traditional circus tents, and the vibrant red is a colour which as been used since the beginning of the circus. I have incorporated it throughout the space leaving it as the only true colour in the whole interior, because of the pure strength of the colour.

Rotterdam, Netherlands 2021